T/ZSGTS 332-2024
Xiangshan delicacy dace fish cake (English Version)

Std & Spec
Standard No.
T/ZSGTS 332-2024
Chinese, Available in English version
Release Date
Published By
Group Standards of the People's Republic of China
T/ZSGTS 332-2024
This document stipulates the technical requirements, hygienic requirements and test methods for the production and processing of Xiangshan’s premium dace fish cakes. This document is applicable to using fresh dace as raw material, adding pork, edible salt, white sugar, xylose, edible glucose, chicken powder seasoning, pepper and other auxiliary materials, after preprocessing, mincing, ingredients, stirring and beating, and output Non-ready-to-eat prepackaged food processed through main processes such as cake shaping, blanching, cooling, quick freezing, and packaging.

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