DBS63/ 0002-2023
Highland barley flavor liquor (English Version)

Highland barley flavor liquor
Standard No.
DBS63/ 0002-2023
Chinese, Available in English version
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DBS63/ 0002-2023
DBS63/ 0002-2023 Food Safety Local Standard Highland Barley Flavor Liquor This document specifies the product classification, technical requirements, hygienic requirements for production and processing, inspection methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation, storage and transportation of highland barley flavor liquor. transportation. This document applies to the production, inspection and sales of highland barley-flavored liquor produced with highland barley as the main raw material through fermentation, distillation, storage, blending, filling and other processes. Related announcements: Notice of the Qinghai Provincial Health Commission on the release of local food safety standards for "Quinoa Biscuits", "Highland Barley Flavor Liquor" and "Rainbow Trout (Chilled, Frozen)"

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