T/CZBXBZ 006-2024
Teochew rice rolls (English Version)

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T/CZBXBZ 006-2024
Chinese, Available in English version
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Group Standards of the People's Republic of China
T/CZBXBZ 006-2024
7. Process flow: select rice → wash and soak → grind → mix → spread → steamed powder to shape → add stuffing → steam the powder again → take out → plate → pour seasoning sauce and prepare seasoning sauce 9.1 Sensory requirements Sensory indicators should comply with The provisions of Table 1. Table 1 Sensory index requirements Item requirements Inspection method The appearance of freshly baked vermicelli is bright and translucent, and the filling inside can be vaguely seen through the vermicelli. Under natural light, food senses such as vision, smell, taste, and touch can be detected Inspection method: Inspect the appearance, color, texture and taste of the product. The color is pink, crystal clear and white, the taste is tough, smooth and delicate, non-sticky. The rice is rich in fragrance, delicious and has the corresponding filling aroma.

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