T/ZSGTS 334-2024
Fragrant Mountain Pork Belly Chicken Soup (English Version)

Std & Spec
Standard No.
T/ZSGTS 334-2024
Chinese, Available in English version
Release Date
Published By
Group Standards of the People's Republic of China
T/ZSGTS 334-2024
This document stipulates the technical requirements, hygienic requirements and test methods for the production and processing of Xiangshan's Pork Belly and Chicken Soup. This document applies to pork belly and chicken as raw materials, with the addition of edible salt, white pepper, ginger, cooking wine, wolfberry, pork bones and other auxiliary materials, after sorting, preprocessing, seasoning, cooking, cooling, canning, sealing, and sterilization Ready-to-eat canned food processed by other main processes.

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