T/XMLZH S001-2024
Xiamen Specialty Food Jellied Bamboo Shoots (English Version)

Std & Spec
Standard No.
T/XMLZH S001-2024
Chinese, Available in English version
Release Date
Published By
Group Standards of the People's Republic of China
T/XMLZH S001-2024
Compared with T/XMLZHS001-2020, the main changes in this document are as follows:  ——The description of the formula and process of soil bamboo shoot jelly in the scope of modification;  ——The normative reference documents are modified;  ——The requirements for raw and auxiliary materials are modified;  ——Modification The tissue morphology in the sensory indicators was modified;  ——The value of the total number of colonies in the microbial indicators was modified;  ——Staphylococcus aureus was deleted in the microbial indicators and Listeria monocytogenes was added.

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