T/FJFA 001-2023
Floor shot blasting machine (English Version)

Std & Spec
Standard No.
T/FJFA 001-2023
Chinese, Available in English version
Release Date
Published By
Group Standards of the People's Republic of China
T/FJFA 001-2023
This document specifies the terms and definitions, model, name, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation, and storage of shot blasting machines. This document is suitable for shot blasting machines that use metal shot to hit concrete, asphalt, stone and PVC floor surfaces that need to be treated to remove surface impurities and coat them.

T/FJFA 001-2023 history

  • 2023 T/FJFA 001-2023 Floor shot blasting machine
  • 2022 T/FJFA 001-2022 Technical specification for application of corundum wear-resistant floor
  • 2021 T/FJFA 001-2021 Fully automatic intelligent environmental protection floor grinding and polishing machine

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